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The structure is a king of text. Our writers check every sentence and the whole document carefully to design the best text.
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Do you want to make a strong and clear message? We are ready to clarify any writing. Our staff knows how to sound confident.
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Writing from scratch
Our authors have years of writing experience and practice in a certain study field. They create all the papers individually to make them entirely unique.
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Timely delivery
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Superb quality
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Paper Editing & Proofreading Services
In short, we work with academic writing tasks and help students achieve better results. If you have an issue, we can deal with it. We work with different subjects and disciplines. We can process your request no matter how difficult it is. Responsible approach and client-oriented service are the key elements of our work.
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We work with different subjects and disciplines. We can process your request no matter how difficult it is.
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Responsible approach and client-oriented service are the key elements of our work.
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Lewis Ellington
Lewis Ellington
University: Columbia University
Degree: Master’s
Law and Medical school essay writing is such a challenge. But I can do the work for you. I’ve experienced working with complex assignments. My students are always happy with the results.
John Taylor
John Taylor
University: Cambridge
Degree: Master’s
Working with capstone projects, SDN, essays, and term paper writing is my domain of interest. I’ve been working on homework tasks for a couple of years, but every other task is a special one. I will cope with it at the highest level.
Danny Adamson
Danny Adamson
University: Cambridge
Degree: Master’s
Grammar and punctuation are the most important things for me. Working with me, you shouldn’t doubt the quality. I make every effort to ensure the best results for my students. I specialize in essay, research, and term paper writing. I can also edit your papers.
Bertie Fletcher
Bertie Fletcher
University: Liberty University
Degree: PhD
I possess high knowledge in a set of disciplines. I can deal with an essay, term paper, or capstone writing. I always mind grammar rules and punctuation to perform the best quality results. You can count on me no matter how difficult the task is.
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Start with calculating the price on top of our website, and go ahead to order form where you can specify all the details about the work needed. As soon as you pay for the task, your order is assigned with the most suitable writer and the writing process starts.
Our prices are among the most affordable, but in case you need something cheaper, you can get in touch with our Customer care team and discuss the option of a discount.
Before you get the ready paper it is checked with anti-plagiarism software, and modified if it's not unique enough. This procedure is compulsory so there's no way you will get a plagiarised paper. If you want to be 100% sure, you can order a plagiarism report to see yourself.
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My professor asked me to edit my presentation, and Theeditingshop perfectly managed this task. I have received a proofread project on time. Thank you for such a prompt service.
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I needed to find a professional to edit my coursework, and I found your service. And I feel really happy about it. Your experts did a great job. My coursework was mistakes-free. You have also fixed the structure, which I liked a lot.
Editing | Coursework
I didn’t expect such a great service at I enjoyed communicating with editors. They are real professionals. I’ve received an impeccable paper. Thank you for the best quality service and client-oriented approach.
Editing | Essay
I’ve been looking for a credible editing service. And I’m happy to find and work with real experts in the field. You edited my case study at the highest level. Thank you a lot!
Editing | Case Study

Paper Editing Services service is a professional company where you can hire paper editing experts and get a perfectly written paper for reasonable money. With professional paper editing, you don’t have to worry about the result and can enjoy your life to the maximum.

We want you to be happy and we editing papers online 24/7 to ensure your outstanding academic performance.

Paper Editing and Proofreading Help 24/7

There are students who think that it is embarrassing or awkward to hire a paper editor. They think that everything can be fixed on their own or that tutors won’t notice the mistakes. However, the majority of teachers utilize checking websites that detect mistakes online. Every day hundreds of students contact our paper editing online service in search of an editor that would help with their documents. And after receiving the first paper, they no longer want to do the editing on their own, when they could order capstone project editing and proofreading service!

Here are only some of the reasons why scholars decide turning to online paper editors:

  1. Absence of time. The majority of students are snowed under tasks and have to complete dozens of assignments at the same time. Some of them work part-time and do sports. There are also those who take care of siblings or elderly relatives and those who have time-consuming hobbies. They simply can’t find time to check and edit their assignments in a proper way, especially if it is June or another holiday month, so it is better for them to edit papers online.
  2. No editing skills. Another popular reason is that students don’t know how to structure and style the paper properly. This results in multiple mistakes and students can’t fix them.
  3. A wish to get high grades. Some students choose our service because they need edit a paper to good grades to enter the college of their dreams or to meet parents’ expectations.
  4. No interest in the paper. Finally, many students turn to our service because they are not happy with the task and don’t want to review it. Some papers are so boring or complex that it’s impossible to edit them!


No matter what your reason for turning to our editor is, we know how to help. Our experienced service consists of first-class editors and proofreaders and has all the necessary software and tools to fix even the slightest mistakes. Choose us for paper edit now!

Benefits of Our Paper Editing Service

How often do you think ‘I need help editing my paper, who can help?’ or ‘Can someone edit my paper in a professional and academic manner?’ The answer is always!  We are a paper editing and writing service that knows how to review your document and edit it to perfection.

The reasons why our paper assistance is worth using:

  • 24/7 online support. Our managers are ready to help you, not depending on what time of the day it is. We don’t have days off, or lunch breaks, so we can assign your paper with an editor even late after midnight. If any questions arise, feel free to contact our managers with a message “proofread my paper for me”, and they will either help with the requestor will send the message to your editor;
  • Professional editors. Our writers are the experts in the industry, and below we will explain why;
  • Anonymity. We take safety seriously and use the latest encryption software to protect not only your identity but also financial information. Due to the latest SSL protocols and top-notch software, your sensitive data is safe, and no one will ever find out that you were using our services for editing papers;
  • Following the structure and reference list. Tutor’s requirements are extremely important, and if you fail to follow them, it may result in a low grade. We ensure that during the writing process you have met all the requirements;
  • Only the most accurate online checkers and software. Our website is one of the most professional on the market, and every editor we hire has access to a variety of programs, check tools, and other instruments. We not only edit your paper manually but use specifically created programs to ensure that every assignment is flawless.

We are always online to provide you with flawless services and to make you happy. Contact us with a message “help me edit my paper” and we will help you immediately!

Choose This Online Paper Proofreading & Editing Service and Stay Relax

We would like to explain why editing a paper with our experts is reliable for you. We believe that our editors are our biggest asset and won’t stop telling that we are one of the most trustworthy paper editing website you will ever find. Before getting hired, every editor needs to pass a complex procedure with verifications and tests.

Here’s how the process of choosing an expert looks like:

  • We carefully review the application and select editors that have prior experience. We are the leading service with a crystal-clear reputation and want to keep it that way. Unlike other companies, we don’t hire students or foreigners. Which means that the result of our checks is always flawless;
  • Academic background. All our experts have at least a bachelor’s degree in literature, journalism, or related areas. There are even Ph.D. specialists in our team which ensures the outstanding quality of corrected assignments;
  • English proficiency test. We want to be sure that our candidates have a perfect command of English, so ask them to pass the same test as our writers complete. Thus, our service deals only with experts who have flawless English;
  • Editing stage. We ask candidates for papers editing from previous orders. They need to fix any mistakes concerning citation style, references, and other imperfections;
  • Interview. To ensure that the person is the right fit, we communicate directly or online. This allows checking whether the candidate can become an organic part of the team and contribute to the overall success.

At we value love towards editing and writing and want to work only with those who want to help others. On our website, you can always get familiar with our experts and read about their background. There is also a devoted page with customers’ reviews where you can see what other students think about us.

We guarantee that you will never find more reliable and experienced experts as at Theeditingshop. If you are ready to pay someone to edit my paper, just contact us and get a high-quality help.

Qualified Paper Editors Here For You

Do you think that the above is not enough? Let us tell you about other less obvious benefits of choosing our paper edit service. First of all, we have one of the most reasonable prices on the market. Why should you spend hundreds of dollars to get a few typos fixed? We think the same way that is why we created a unique calculation program that evaluates your order and requirements and offers the most affordable price.

  • You will no longer have to pay a fortune to check the style, citation, and references of the document. In addition, we will proofread the paper and ensure that the overall structure is smooth and perfect. Your tutor will be amazed by the result, and you won’t have to spend much!
  • Another outstanding feature of our service is access to the most useful databases in the world. Yes, even though we only check the provided material, our experts ensure that provided data and statistics are correct and properly-referenced. In addition, we check whether the structure meets the tutor’s requirements and contains all the necessary elements. Finally, our experts supply every order with notes that contain tips and recommendations to make your future assignments perfect.
  • In case you don’t like the result, we are happy to provide free revisions. Just leave an online request or contact managers directly, and we will choose another expert to fix the mistakes. These revisions are free and unlimited, which means that we will fix the errors as many times as necessary. And if you don’t want to wait, we have a refund guarantee. This means that you can request your funds back in case you are not satisfied with the order. But let us assure you that with a 99% satisfaction rate, students leave us with a perfectly edited assignment!
  • Another thing we are proud of is timely delivery. While many companies fail to submit edited pieces on time, we strictly follow your requirements and complete the order before the indicated time. If you have an urgent order, don’t worry! We will make it our priority and will fix the mistakes even if the submission date is within a couple of hours. Finally, we have a full set of different freebies and perks to make our cooperation even more affordable and convenient. Just follow the news or contact managers for more details, and they will tell you what promotions are on offer. And if you want to stick with us for longer, we are happy to write any of your assignments from scratch. We deal with such complex works as research papers, theses, dissertations, and presentations, and ensure that our customers get the highest grades.

Now you know why is a perfect choice and are ready to say goodbye to sleepless nights, lost weekends, and low grades. Message our team “edit my paper cheap” or “can you edit my paper”! We will help you at any time since we have writers worldwide!

Our process of paper editing and proofreading looks like

Step 1:  Edit My Paper

Everything starts with giving us the instructions on the paper.  To do this, open the home page of our website and provide necessary details. For example, indicate the subject and topic, choose the required formatting style, reference pages, type of editing you want to order, and so on. Don’t forget to upload the paper itself.

Once you place the order for a statement of purpose editing online, the editing process begins! We assign a professional editor who starts editing immediately. They get familiar with the guidelines, read the paper line after line, use online editor services, and vocabularies to find even the slightest mistakes. They attentively check the paper and only then start fixing it. Our prime editing paper ensures that there are no grammar, lexical, or punctuation mistakes in the text. We are an academic service, and we guarantee that you will be extremely satisfied with the result!

Step 2: Editing Paper With Us Is Easy

Once our specialists edit your paper, proofreaders step in. It is a person who checks the paper on any flaws and imperfections it may have. It includes not only the style of the document but also paper’s tone, structure, language use, and so on. We provide quality college essay editing services, and there is no need to worry that some mistakes will be missed out. To ensure that we edit paper online works correctly, our service regularly checks paper editors and makes sure that they are skilled and professional. Moreover, our academic paper editor service is constantly improving and hiring online experts. If you are not satisfied with the quality of your paper, we are ready to return your money!

Step 3: Online Paper Editing Help

When editors and proofreaders of our service check and edit your paper, we supply it with a personal note. It is a document that contains a list of errors that specialists of our website have noticed and fixed. They include recommendations on:

  • structure;
  • style;
  • citation;
  • references.

The aim of such a paper is to help you understand the mistakes and be able to conduct further editing on your own. If you follow the guidelines of our editors attentively, it’s rather likely that you won’t have to turn to our cheap paper editing service again and will be able to become the editor of your own papers.

Our service strives to make you happy and successful, and we are always there to provide you with quality editing support and assistance round the clock: whether in November or June. Our online editors are the most reliable on the market, and you should definitely choose us if you want professional and secure editing!

When you choose our academic service, you choose an online paper editing company that is ready to check your paper round the clock, without any days off or holidays in June and December. We guarantee that every hired editor never finds out your personal details and ensures quality work on the document.

We will edit your paper, not depending on the urgency and complexity, just contact us now and get a pleasant bonus!

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