Hello! I'm delighted you're thinking about working with me. Whether you're here with a translation that needs reviewing, original content for editing, or pages of copy that need to be localised, I've got you covered. 

I provide professional English language services for companies and individuals worldwide. I specialise in helping translation clients and non-native authors shape their texts to read fluently, clearly and naturally in English, avoiding the dreaded "translationese" that can easily creep in when working with foreign language content.

Why am I qualified to help?

I've been in the publishing industry for over six years; after graduating with my degree in English Linguistics I worked for two major companies: an international publisher and a global translation powerhouse. I've managed projects for companies such as Microsoft, Nike, and Facebook and I know the high standards you expect your content to live up to.

If you have text that needs to shine in front of worldwide audiences, I've got the knowledge and experience to make that happen. I now work with businesses and individuals on a wide range of projects, helping each and every one of them get their message across in the way that's right for them, to the audiences they want to appeal to.

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